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Affordable LIMS Solution
For Your Laboratory
AIS LIMS is designed to meet the requirements of laboratory accreditation schemes such as UKAS, GLP and 21 CFR Part 11. Installations range from single user to 100-user systems supporting the analysis of over a million samples annually across multiple sites. It is highly configurable with optional modules for stability or shelf-life pre-scheduling, graphical presentation, integrated analytical quality control (AQC), quotations, invoicing and automatic report production.

Extensively Configurable and Versatile for Real World Application
AIS LIMS includes the following configurable features and modules...
  •  Multi-level Security
  •  User-configurable menus
  •  User-configurable screens
  •  Rapid sample registration
  •  Multi-level results validation
  •  Automated calculation processing
  •  Comprehensive AQC checking
  •  Data inspection and approval
  •  Integral report designer
  •  Excel automation
  •  Graphical data interpretation
AIS LIMS is currently in use in laboratories serving many diverse industries including...
  •  Food
  •  Water
  •  Environmental
  •  Agricultural
  •  Veterinary
  •  Clinical
  •  Dairy
  •  Nuclear
  •  Engineering
  •  Construction material testing
  •  Public Analysts
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labPortal for Web Access
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Instrument Links
AIS offer a full service for interfacing any of your instruments to AIS LIMS. Contact us for further details.

About AIS
All LIMS vendors are NOT the same.

AIS have delivered LIMS solutions effectively and efficiently for the past 20 years through sound management and operations. We are commited to long term strategies to develop the functionality, scalability and flexibility of our LIMS that will meet customer needs both today and into the future.