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AIS Clients

We examine and identify the specific business requirements of each of our clients' laboratories and configure AIS LIMS accordingly. This approach provides an excellent fit and eliminates any unfulfilled expectations.

Here are some of our clients...

Anglia Ruskin University

The Salivary Analysis Laboratory within the Department of Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University analyses saliva samples for our own research and acts as the UK's 'Salimetrics Testing laboratory' which provides a fast turnaround saliva testing service for Salimetrics Europe clients across Europe.

Dee Valley Water

Dee Valley Water was formed in 1997 with the merger of the former Chester Water Company and Wrexham Water Company. Both of these former companies had roots which stretched back to the middle of the nineteenth century. Dee Valley Water is a water supply only company and does not deal with the removal of sewage. Its area of supply covers 831 square kilometres in North East Wales and the North West of England. It operates eight impounding reservoirs, two river abstractions and two groundwater sources to supply approximately 67 million litres per day to over 260,000 customers. Water is treated at six treatment works and the water is supplied through a network of 1,940km of water mains, 25 pumping stations and 31 clean water storage reservoirs. AIS LIMS has been used by the company for over 10 years and has helped to ensure a safe and reliable supply of drinking water to our customers.

Derwentside Environmental Testing Services

Derwentside Environmental Testing Services has been trading since 1999 and since its inception has undergone continual expansion, twice moving into larger premises in its short history. This rapid rate of growth has undoubtedly been assisted since acquisition of AIS LIMS in 2005. With laboratories located in County Durham and the Midlands, DETS provide a wide range of high quality chemical testing for contaminated land, water and wastewater using over sixty analytical techniques, both organic and inorganic.

Durham Scientific Services

Durham County Council's Scientific Services provides statutory Public Analyst and Agricultural Analyst functions to local authorities in North East England and also provides scientific advisory and analytical service is to local business and the general public. The laboratory carries out a wide range of testing for food, agricultural materials, waters, consumer products and environmental samples using both classical and instrumental analytical techniques. The laboratory has used AIS LIMS since 1992 and this plays a vital part in the day to day management and reporting of all samples.

Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA's Cork Regional Laboratory based in Inniscarra, Co. Cork covers the 4 South-West counties of Ireland (Cork, Kerry, Limerick, and Clare) and is responsible for the monitoring of a wide range of IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) licenced indistrial and waste facilities for emissions to water. The laboratory is also the Ageny's centre for off-line stack emissions monitoring. In addition to its IPPC role the laboratory provides an internal analytical service to national monitoring programs covering Estuarine and Coastal waters, Groundwater, Rivers and Lakes, under the Water Framework Directive. Recent Irish legislation on the licencing of Local Authority Waste Water Treatment Plants will extend the laboratory's role over the next year.

The laboratory has used AIS LIMS since commencement of its operations in 1996 and has been accredited ISO 17025 since 2000 for most of its water, wastewater and air emission analysis. Its Scope of Accreditation may be viewed at AIS LIMS has played a vital part in the management and reporting of the laboratory's range of environmental data.

Food Analytical Laboratories

Food Analytical Laboratories Limited (FALabs) was established in 2006 and is located near Stoke-on-Trent. FALabs perform a wide range of microbiological and chemical analyses including nutritional chemistry for the food manufacturing and retail industry.

Hampshire Scientific Services

The fundamental purpose of the Scientific Service is to protect the public from unfair or unsafe trade practices and to promote good health and clean environment for the benefit of the people of Hampshire.

The Service provides a scientific advisory and analytical service of a quality acceptable to the UK Government, the EU, Hampshire County Council and many other authorities throughout the South of England.

Health Protection Scotland

Health Protection Scotland (HPS) was established by the Scottish Executive in 2004 to strengthen and coordinate health protection in Scotland, taking over the functions of former Scottish Centre for Infection and Environmental Health (SCIEH). HPS is leading the development of a Food Surveillance System for the UK and Northern Ireland that has been commissioned by the Food Standards Agency. The system is based on a successful project originally developed with 4 Public Analyst laboratories in Scotland and piloted by a further 6 Public Analyst laboratories in England, all of whom use AIS LIMS.

i2 Analytical

"AIS LIMS has allowed a seamless transition in data management, analysis and reporting within our laboratory platform connecting both our UK and Polish Laboratories. More importantly it has enabled us to monitor and maintain the quality systems within our business, which we are now looking to expand to our other European sites."

Les Jones, MD.

Mercian Science

Mercian Science is a specialist contract testing laboratory handling predominantly environmental samples with particular expertise in water and Legionella. Our clients are from the whole of the UK and include water treatment companies, industry, schools, hospitals, local authorities, FM companies and many more. Our services are individually tailored to the needs our clients to whom we can also provide training and technical support.

Microsearch Laboratories

Microsearch Laboratories has provided services to industry on a global basis for over 20 years offering a range of UKAS accredited microbiological assays.

They offer a PCR testing service for the detection of a wide range of GMOs in food and other materials. Their service is provided in a purpose built laboratory which employs the latest technology for DNA extraction, PCR cycling and gel visualisation.

The Scottish Agricultural College - Veterinary Science Division

SAC (The Scottish Agricultural College) is an innovative, knowledge-based organisation, which supports the development of land-based industries and communities through its specialist research and development resources, its education and training provision and its expert advisory and consultancy services. Its work is wide ranging but there is a particular emphasis on agriculture and related sciences, rural business development and management, food chain quality and safety, and rural resource and environmental management.

Tayside Scientific Services

Tayside Scientific Services are an official Food Control and Public Analyst laboratory testing food (chemical and microbiological), waters (chemical and microbiological), agriculture samples (feeding stuffs and fertilisers), consumer protection samples and bulk asbestos testing. Our services include those on our UKAS schedule of accreditation which can be found at

Urenco Group

Urenco is an independent, international energy and technology group operating in a pivotal area of the nuclear fuel supply chain, which enables the sustainable generation of electricity for consumers around the world. The supply chain is made up of four key processes: mining, conversion, enrichment and fabrication. Urenco is firmly positioned in the enrichment stage, which is the highest added value segment of the supply chain.

Urenco's centrifuge technology is the leading technology for uranium enrichment available today, being considerably more efficient and reliable than the alternative technologies. It currently has around 23% share of the global enrichment market, but continues to build market share with the aim of establishing Urenco as the leading global supplier of enrichment and enrichment technology.

It operates plants in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and in the near future from a fourth site in New Mexico, US. The UK plant has been working with AIS LIMS since 1991.

Worcestershire Scientific Services

Worcestershire Scientific Services offers ISO17025 accredited testing and consultancy to a wide range of clients. The service is divided into three main areas of work:

Food - The service acts as Public Analyst and Agricultural Analyst laboratory for more than 20 local authorities offering a comprehensive portfolio of testing. Food and feed composition, nutrition information, additives, contaminants and labelling are some of the many areas of work. The service specialises in DNA analysis concentrating on meat and fish speciation, allergens and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food.

Consumer Safety - Testing of toys, cosmetics, textiles, candles and other household items for compliance with safety requirements.

Occupational Hygiene - surveying, monitoring and testing of public buildings for asbestos, supervision of asbestos removal contractors and asbestos awareness training.

Case Studies
Anglia Ruskin University
Food Analytical Laboratories
Scottish Agricultural College

"A common misconception about LIMS is that the job is complete when the system goes 'live'. Clearly this is only the first step in a process that must adapt and grow with the changing demands of the users, their workload and the business. Our goal is not just a successful installation, but the implementation of a successful system"

Dr Dai Darkin - AIS Director