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AIS LIMS: Features

AIS LIMS is a highly configurable and versatile LIMS solution which can be structured to meet individual organisational needs requirements from single-user systems to multi-user networks. Features include:

Security AIS LIMS is protected by 64 bit encrypted password security so that only designated users are allowed access to the system. Different security levels and user profiles may be assigned to users so that access to certain modules is restricted using two mechanisms. Users may be logged out by the system manager, or automatically through timed inactivity.
Navigation AIS LIMS is accessed via a simple series of user-configured menus controlled using different security levels and user profiles.
Sample Registration AIS LIMS permits rapid registration of samples on an individual or group basis. Additionally, samples can be registered automatically from files created from sampling programs, stability profiles or scanned input forms (OMR, OCR or barcode). Since each system is tailored / configured to individual needs, familiar terms of reference are incorporated into registering screen design. Sample labels and registered sample lists are user-editable and may be produced any time.
Scheduling AIS LIMS offers several ways in which work can be scheduled, depending on working practices within the laboratory. Printed worksheets may serve as either loading lists for instruments or result entry forms. These are easy to maintain and allow the inexperienced user to enter data into the system quickly.
Results Entry AIS LIMS allows results to be entered manually at the keyboard or automatically from instrument files and for simpler interfaces (e.g. balance) through a keyboard capture wedge system. Results can be entered in a variety of formats supporting all required input.

AIS LIMS supports multi tiered specification limits against which results are checked. Results entry is also validated against user training records, associated instrument records and AQC targets.

AIS LIMS provides the facility for user defined calculation methods to be used in worksheets and single sample results entry. Furthermore, calculation methods can be used to automatically extract results from the database and process calculations internally.

Approval The sample approval process allows designated users to allocate an "approved" or "failed" status to a sample. During the approval activity (which may be automated), the user can examine all data associated with the sample, audit information, any associated quality data (AQC) and data associated by worksheet file or raw data file. Historical data can also be evaluated during this process.

Any available specification limits are displayed and limit breaches are highlighted as coloured flags.

Analytical Quality Control Analytical Quality Control (AQC) can be defined as a framework for monitoring accuracy and precision of analytical measurements. The main purposes of AQC are to:
  • Provide confidence in analytical measurements
  • Demonstrate compliance with performance targets
  • Obtain timely warnings of deteriorating trends
  • Validate new analytical methods or instrumentation
  • Meet requirements of accreditation schemes (e.g. FDA, GLP, UKAS)
AIS LIMS Analytical Quality Control (AQC) software is an optional accessory, which provides a basis for interactively scheduling, recording and checking analytical results against analytical quality standards. The AQC module facilitates the measurement of the following:
  • Multiple standards and reference materials
  • Duplicate sample analyses (relative, absolute, or log difference)
  • Percentage recovery in spiked samples
The AQC module is configured such that the user is prompted to enter AQC results at defined frequencies. AQC warnings and actions are audited and are displayed during the approval process. The AQC results can be reported textually and graphically to generate control charts to monitor trends in data collection.

Access to control charts is available from the menus system or interactively if AQC breaches are detected during results entry. AQC breaches are automatically stored in the audit trail and referenced to the sample record.

In addition, an automated process is available to generate a series of AQC charts for selected determinations and AQC parameters for publishing either to a printer or to a predefined folder. View screenshot.

Reporting AIS LIMS offers several report styles for both hard copy and electronic output of both individual and multiple sample reports.

AIS LIMS is unique in offering a proprietary sample report formatter which allows the user to select and modify report styles and layouts; thus, reports may be designed for particular purposes or around specific stationery, as required. Standard comments may be added and reports can be further edited using either proprietary or external word processors.

AIS LIMS support third party reporting tools such as R&R Report Writer or Seagate Crystal Reports which may be used interactively with AIS LIMS. Additionally, an ActiveX link to Microsoft Excel allows data to be automatically exported to Excel spreadsheets (as a background task) to generate printed or electronic output.


Optional modules are available for:

Interactive Analytical Quality Control and charting

Integrated graphics

Stability pre-scheduling

Statistical Limit Checking

Invoicing and Quotation Generation

Dedicated fax and e-mail Servers

Stock control

Instrument calibration manager

Drinking Water Inspectorate reports